1 - Click button to buy tickets with your Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Debit).  

2 - Once you click add to cart, you will be able to change number of reservations. 

3-  In the drop down menu, choose your  T shirt or hoodie.

4 - In the 2nd box, Garment Size, list the size T or Hoodie you want, AND ALSO THE MONTH YOU WANT TO ATTEND!

5- Hit the final purchase button and you are all set!


1 - Price includes shirt/hoodie sizes from SMALL to X-LARGE.   Each size above of X -LARGE will run an additional $1.00 for each additional "X".  You can pay this additional cost at the time of pick up/event day.

2 - To guarantee a limited edition, custom event T shirt/Hoodie, order at least a week in advance!  

3 - There are no "Tickets" sent to you for the purchase.  Your name will appear on a list generated by your purchase.   We will check you off as you arrive for the event.    

4 - Your reservation is good only for the event for which it was purchased.  There are no refunds.


SAFETY FIRST  - Please drink responsibly, be careful entering/exiting the bus and establishments, do not dispose of any items or materials, or extend body parts through the bus window and, use good common sense.

BUS DRIVER IS GOD - The bus driver has the most stressful job on this tour and what they say is LAW!    They are trying to get everyone to and from destinations in a timely and most importantly, SAFE manner.  If they give you directions, FOLLOW THEM.    If you create an issue, the driver can remove immediately OR prevent you from re-boarding the bus at any time.  No question.

SHARE THE LOVE - All the venue we work with do a tremendous job of staffing up for and providing specials to our group.  Please reciprocate by tipping and treating the staff and venues with respect

BEHAVE - Everyone goes on the tour to have a good time, make new friends and enjoy themselves on the bus and in the venues.  With that in mind, we have a zero tolerance for any disruptive behavior and failure to treat others (be they on the tour or in the venues) with common decency and respect.   Failure to behave in an acceptable manner may result in your immediate removal from the tour.    



Photos, videos and recordings may be taken and used in perpetuity by Milwaukee Radio Alliance and agent representatives.  By attending the event you agree to these usage terms.  You also agree your photo, likenesses and recordings of you may be used via video, print or web, without compensation to you. Milwaukee Radio Alliance, Secret Bar Tours and agent representatives will not be liable for lost or stolen articles during this tour or articles left after this tour.  Any damage to the interior or exterior of equipment, vehicle or venue which is caused by the individual signing up for this tour, shall be the responsibility of the individual as they are liable for the cost to repair any such damage as well as any cost for loss of the carrier service due to such damage.

Milwaukee Radio Alliance, Secret Bar Tours and agent representatives have the right to eject or refuse service to any disruptive person who is abusive, poses a threat to the safety of other passengers, bus operations or engages in illegal activities.  Being at least 21 years of age, should an individual decide to drink alcoholic beverages, they will do so responsibly with their and other people's safety in mind.   The act of signing up for this event makes the individual solely responsible for his/her safety while on the tour, at the completion of the tour and at all venues throughout the tour.   In consideration of the right to participate in the event, the individual hereby assumes all risks and will hold Milwaukee Radio Alliance, Secret Bar Tours, and agent representatives harmless from any and all liability, action, debts, claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever.

The terms hereof shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for the attending individual's heirs executors and administrators for all members of my family including any friends accompanying me.  The act of signing up for this event agrees that the individual, if intoxicated, will not operate a motorized vehicle  at any time during or after leaving the tour.   The act of signing up for this event relieves Milwaukee Radio Alliance, Secret Bar Tours and agent representatives, vendors and contractors from any liability and responsibility for any claim for injuries, loss, damage, liability, criminal or civil litigation for the individual arising out or relating to the event.  By purchasing my ticket for the event,  I acknowledge that I have read all of the above, that I execute this purchase and event participation voluntarily, that I am at least 21 years of age and that this agreement is binding upon myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and representatives, in the event of my death or incapacity.


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